Good usage and recycling

The transportation of crude or refined oils by sea is recognised as a source of pollution. However each one of us can cause pollution by petroleum products through failure to recycle man-made products properly, or at all. Plastic bottles and bags, popular due to their convenience, have thus become a real problem over the last few decades as they are often carelessly thrown away in the natural environment.

Manufacturers contribute to the proper usage of noble products formed by petrochemistry, through recommendations to users. They also contribute to packaging recycling costs in a growing number of regions of the world through a sales-based contribution.

Did you know?

When plastic, a product derived from oil, is recycled it can be made into non-food packaging, watches, tubes, winter clothing…
It takes 10 water bottles to make a fleece jumper.

Petroleum products with high added value


Sorting for recycling

In many areas voluntary contribution collection points have been established. They are designed to take different types of waste (glass, paper, cardboard, newspapers etc.). All items must be correctly separated to be accepted, in order to facilitate their recycling.

Recycling facilities